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I was supposed to spend my life lounging on the French Riviera with a fancy cocktail in my hand, but somehow I got turned around and ended up in California with a glass of wine instead. Which is pretty darn close, except for that pesky working thing.

I'm past that wonderful, awful stage of raising kids. My husband of 30 years, Greg, and I are now into that really fun spoiling grandkids part of life. (Fill them full of sugar, tire them out and spoil them rotten. When they become totally impossible, hand them back.) We also have an assortment of rescued pets and a small vineyard in the backyard.

As a member of the California Writers Club, I'm enjoying writing and sharing my jokes and stories with others. I'm hoping one day writing will replace the blasted job. My first book, BBQ PIZZA: A Flaming Exposé on Macho Cooking was published in April of 2013.

Some of you have read this hoping to understand the workings of this author’s mind. Let me clarify for you: This author is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Why do you think I had to make all those pizzas? There just weren't enough sandwiches to go around. Not to mention a banana split sandwich just doesn't sound appetizing.

Cheers! Gabriella